Client Success Stories

I feel blessed to be able to help families get the sleep they deserve. I value each and every one of our clients and love to hear how they are getting on.  


"I keep thinking why didn't I do this sooner! It has gone better than I could ever have expected. I like how I am able to text you for support. I want to say a massive massive thank you for all of your help. It has been brilliant. I could not have done this on my own. After all of your help I feel confident enough to go at it alone. I know there will be bumps along the way but your advice, I know, will stand us in good stead. Thank you."

EMILY, Dorset, UK

"How do I put into words what you have done for our family.I didn’t know how tired I was till now! Three weeks ago I was struggling to hold it together. My little man hadn’t slept for more than two hours at a time for seven months. To say I was struggling was an understatement. Within three days of our phone consultation he was sleeping through the night for 11 hours, going to bed easily and best of all waking up happy. We now have a happy and content little man and whole family. Thank you thank you!"



 "Thank you so much for all of your support. I am truly grateful."

JACK,  Yass,  Australia


"I thought I was going crazy. You not only gave us sleep, but sanity and a happier family. Thank you Tessa"

MOLLY, Sydney, Australia

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"Tessa’s initial consultation was very thorough and non-judgemental. The individualised plan was very prompt. We went from 4 hours broken sleep and co-sleeping to a reliable 12 hours a night in her cot. Thank you for helping us gain our sanity back! We are a much happier household after Tessa’s help!"

IVY, Canberra, Australia


“Thank you for the great support. We are really pleased with the progress Ava (and us!) have made. She now goes through 630pm to 6am with no feeds or help from us to resettle. Yay! Thanks again we are really happy with all we’ve achieved with your help and encouragement!”

AVA,  Canberra, Australia


"I liked how Tessa has skills as a midwife as well as sleep consulting. That reassured both my husband and I when we decided to book her. The change in Georgia since our consultation is beyond anything we thought she would do. No more hourly wake ups. Instead we are sleeping 10-12 hours a night! How do I even say thank you enough."

GEORGIA,  Canberra, Australia

"We don't have any crying any more at bedtime! And no crying if there is any night wakings! Thank you Tessa!!"    (previously screamed 1-3hours at bedtime and each night wake up)

AVERY, Canberra, Australia 

Would you believe it we now have amazing nights! He sleeps! And we have a good bedtime...phew!!! I am really pleased. Both he and I are in a much better place than we were a month ago.

JAMES, Dorset, UK


"Tessa is truly special. With her personalised, adaptive, gentle and consistent plan my 8 month old twins have gone from waking on average 3 times over night to sleeping through the night in only 4 nights! They are also settling themselves to sleep at every nap and bedtime now without needing patting or a bottle. After having 2 years of sleep battles with my toddler, I knew I couldn't do it all again with my twins. All it takes is a few days and nights of patience, perseverance and a little bit of tough love, with the guided support and advice along the way, to get to that glorious destination of sleep. I couldn't have done any of it without Tessa, she has been life changing."

LUCY and AUDREY, Sydney, Australia


"We are forever grateful. Your visit was a turning point for us. It’s been great. He self settles really well for all naps and overnight. We’re confident in the techniques you taught. I was telling daycare how amazing you were as they have noticed a difference in him too. This is incredible and very unexpected to have this much success. Thanks again for helping us get our lives back on track it has been amazing. I feel like a new functioning person. Thank you so much for your help. "

HARRY, Canberra, Australia

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"5 stars!! Tessa was readily available daily to answer any questions we had throughout our time. We had seen success as early as the second night. Every week then got better and better. We are now 6 weeks into our sleep plan and our daughter sleeps amazing! And loves her cot! Thank you so much! She is a different baby. She loves her room, cot and sleeping! We are all so happy and well rested!"

 OLIVE, Canberra, Australia

“We are really pleased with the progress. He now self-settles for all his naps. You have been an absolute wealth of knowledge and having you behind us has really given us the confidence we need. We are sad to say goodbye. We will definitely be recommending you to friends having sleep issues.”

DYLAN, Canberra, Australia

“I’ve learnt so much from you. Most importantly the tools to trouble shoot which I didn’t know previously. I’ve learnt he is not a robot I can programme. I’m now much calmer which is rubbing off on him too.”

HUGO, Canberra, Australia

"He is self-settling for sleeps! It is amazing to watch! Thank you for all your help”

HUGH, Canberra, Australia

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